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This page is for interviews and articles about BtVS and its cast members.
I will try to keep this page up to date as much as possible.
If you have seen or are in the possession of new articles or interviews,
please tell me either where to find it or send me the article or interview in a text format.
If you find ANY mistakes whatsoever, please tell me.

Articles/Interviews Concerning BtVS In General
The Gate -- `Vampire Slayer' Hits The Right Vein
USA Today -- Buffy The Ratings Slayer
The New York Times -- 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer': Neighborhood Vampires Beware
The Boston Herald -- Stakeout
The Associated Press -- Vampire-Slayer Buffy Battles Master
The St. Petersburg Times -- The Shows You Love To Love
The TV Book -- 'Buffy': Humor to Ease Horror's Bite
The Boston Globe -- The FEELING of Feminism
New York Daily Vue -- Buffy Builds Web Following
Entertainment Weekly Online -- Fall TV Preview
TV Guide -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TV Guide -- Couch Critic -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TV Guide -- High Stakes
Ultimate Television News -- Buffy: Throwing Down the Pom Poms, Kicking Vampire Butt
Time Magazine -- The Arts/Television -- Bewitching Teen Heroines
The Daily Pennsylvanian -- Buffy Goes Primetime
The Village Voice -- Buffy Battles Teendom's Demons
Staking A Claim
Sun Newspaper -- Tuned In

Articles/Interviews Concerning Joss Whedon
Entertainment Weekly -- Joss Whedon
OnSat -- Behind Every Great Slayer There's An Even Greater Storyteller
Ultimate TV -- Star Chat With Joss Whedon
He Just Slays 'Em: UltimateTV Visits With The Creator of WB's Latest Hit, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Ultimate Television News -- BIO: Joss Whedon

Articles/Interviews Concerning Buffy Summers/Sarah Michelle Gellar
Seventeen Magazine -- Girl Meets Boy
USA Today -- Buffy Star Likes Demands of Action-Comedy Role
New York Daily News -- 'Buffy' Tunes Into Teens
TV WEEK -- The Washington Post -- High School Horrific
The Atlanta Journal & Constitution -- Private Screaming
Sarah Michelle Gellar is the Heroine Who Battles Monsters and Teen Angst.
TV Guide -- Hollywood Grapevine
YM -- Buffy's Get Buff Tips
People Magazine -- Fresh Faces
Celeb Guide - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TV Guide -- New Series, Dramas -- Sarah Michelle Gellar Kicks Off
TV Guide -- A Brave Ghoul Girl
TV Guide Vol. 45, #31 -- Slay Belle
US Magazine -- Think Tanks
US Magazine -- How Buffy Stays Buff
An Offer She Couldn't Refuse!
Do As The Roma Do
Double Duty For The Emmys
E Online -- Sarah Michelle Gellar
Learning Life's Lessons
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Parade Magazine -- In Step With Sarah Michelle Gellar
Mistaken Identity
Reuters - I Know What You Did Last Summer
Sarah Says Goodbye
Star Ledger - 10/20/97 - Box Office Knows What Terror Film Did Last Weekend
Teen Queen
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Transcript- 9/8/97
Ultimate Television News -- BIO: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Variety - I Know What You Did Last Summer

Articles/Interviews Concerning Rupert Giles/Anthony Stewart Head
The Virginian-Pilot -- That Taster's Choice Coffee Guy Perks Up ''Buffy''
Ultimate Television News -- BIO: Anthony Stewart Head

Articles/Interviews Concerning Xander Harris/Nicholas Brendon
Aol Chat With Nicholas Brendon And Alyson Hannigan
Teen Magazine -- Nicholas Brendon
Sixteen Magazine -- Nicholas Brendon
Who's Hot
Ultimate Television News -- BIO: Nicholas Brendon
Ultimate TV -- Nicholas Brendon
Ultimate TV -- Open Chat With Nicholas Brendon

Articles/Interviews Concerning Willow Rosenberg/Alyson Hannigan
Aol Chat With Alyson Hannigan And Nicholas Brendon
TV Guide -- Buffy's Gal Gets A Guy
Ultimate TV - Alyson Hannigan's 'Willow' -- Wallflower By Day, Assistant Slayer by Night
Ultimate TV -- Alyson Hannigan
Ultimate Television News -- BIO: Alyson Hannigan

Articles/Interviews Concerning Angel/David Boreanaz
YM -- September 1997 -- Tube Dudes -- David Boreanaz
Aol Chat With David Boreanaz
TV Guide Online -- Q And A With David Boreanaz
TV Guide -- Vol. 45, #31 -- Touched By A Angel

Articles/Interviews Concerning Cordelia Chase/Charisma Carpenter
Ultimate TV -- Star Chat With Charisma Carpenter
Ultimate Television News -- BIO: Charisma Carpenter
Ultimate TV -- Charisma Carpenter
Sixteen Magazine -- Charisma Carpenter

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