Charisma Carpenter
This article was obtained from UltimateTV, 1997.

Q&A: The Important Stuff

UltimateTV: Who's your favorite actor?
Charisma: Jack Nicholson.

U: And actress?
C: Holly Hunter and Anne Heche

U: How about movies... what's your favorite?
C: Legends of the Fall

U: And TV... what's something you try to catch regularly?
C: Party of Five

U: Music, what kind of music do you like, and what are some of the hot bands, according to you?
C: All kinds... blues, jazz, alternative and a little country. Some favorites are Chet Baker, Velvet Chain (who've appeared on "Buffy") and Soundgarden.

U: And what would you say is your favorite song?
C: I have lots of favorites, "Kiss Me" by Tin Tin and "Trouble Me" by Natalie Merchant are rad.

U: What do you like to do when you're not on the set?
C: Rollerblading and hanging out with my golden retriever Sydney.

U: How are you like your character on the show?
C: I like clothes like Cordelia, but I'm not as good at shopping. Other than that, I'm nothing like Cordelia!

U: What do you think of the occult, vampires and the other odd occurrences in the show? Fact or fiction?
C: I was never into vampires and blood and gore, but the way Joss has incorporated it into the show is cool. A bunch of kids came to the "Buffy" premiere at Planet Hollywood in Miami dressed in gothic attire and they looked so beautiful, so I guess the show has exposed me to some things I might not have gotten to experience otherwise.

U: And, finally, what's something memorable from when you were on the set working on the show?
C: In one episode, we had tarantulas -- millions of them -- big, fat, hairy, poisonous, threatening spiders crawling all over this guy's head, on his shoulders, through his hair... I didn't see them until they yelled action, and then I screamed! Spiders give me such a heebie jeebie feeling!

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