An Offer She Couldn't Refuse!
Thanks to Lawless for providing this article.

      Sarah Michelle Gellar says that you can't beat the fringe benefits of being a soap star! She recently received royal treatment when she went to see the movie, "Guilty as Sin." "The woman who took our tickets started laughing at me, and I'm like, 'what? Is there something stuck in my teeth?'" Gellar remembers. While in line for the flick, the theater manager came over and, according to Gellar, said to them: '"I've got to ask you a question. Are you Kendall on All My Children?'" Gellar said yes and he then offered an apology for the cashier's unusual reaction, explaining that she was simply overcome with the excitement of recognizing Gellar. He then went so far as to offer to give Gellar and her group their money back and free treats from the concession stand. That still wasn't the best part, Gellar insists. "He then said, 'whenever you want to come to (our theater), it's on the house, '" she relates with a smile. "It was the first time anyone had gone out of their way like that for me. He made us feel very special." Too bad she hated the movie.

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