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It's been a real long time since I updated. I'm sorry, but from now on the updates might come in a irregular fashion. Currently, I'm really busy. Next month, there will be two four day weekends. I will definitely work on this page then. I just have to comment on this...IKWYDLS was AWESOME!! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire movie. It was a excellent work by the director, the producer, and all the actors; especially SMG and Jennifer Love Hewitt. You guys can expect a huge IKWYDLS section coming soon, with a full review, lots of pics and sounds. Okay, on with the updates....
There's some good news for BtVS fans...the WB has put the order out for twenty-two episodes! Also, SMG fans will rejoice, for Sarah's IKWYDLS is a real smash hit. Click here to see some new articles about the movie. I have finally got around to making a transcript of the Tonight Show appearance by SMG. I also updated the poll, adding in the options of Spike and Druscilla and also the new episodes. Speaking of new episodes, the epguide for Reptile Boy has been added. While you're around, jump to the links page and go to some of the new links that I have just recently added. Finally, I have implemented the chatroom that I mentioned previously. You can also find the link to the chatroom by scrolling down to the menu. Okay, just a couple more things....SMG was on the Vibe on the 13th. There will be a full transcript coming soon. There was a article on IKWYDLS in the last issue of Fangoria. I couldn't find it at the store. Does anyone have it?

I made a lot of thumbnails...more pics coming soon. In the By The Fans Section, there is a little poem I made up while I was working on more updates for this page. There was a little thing about IKWYDLS on Access Hollywood on Friday (10/10). It didn't have any information or anything; it was mainly just the three minute trailer that Lawless has (Read the previous update) and it showed the actors and actresses. A new BtVS newsletter has just been created by Michael Cole. Send a mail to him to find out more. A couple more things...
I have a friend that needs some of you to write reviews, and strategies for his computer gaming page. If you guys are interested, mail me. Also, I need some feedback about the possibility if having an Submit To BtVS chatroom!! It wouldn't be anything big, just a place for us to discuss BtVS. I need to know if anyone thinks this is a good idea, because implementing the chatroom would mean revamping every single one of the menus.

There is an profile about SMG on People Online. Since, I Know What You Did Last Summer (IKWYDLS) is scheduled to hit the theaters on the 17th, I guess everyone is all excited. I know I am. The Sarah Michelle Gellar Fan Page (run by Lawless), has a very conclusive IKWYDLS section. It contains a bunch of movies (must gets), pics and other media that is important to the BtVS fan. I would like to take part of this update to praise the Star Ledger. In it's Today Sections, it recently began to have small articles on BtVS. Any publicity is good publicity, so its all good. I recently obtained a AOL account. My screenname is Judge511 or Judge411. The Judge411 account is an AOL Instant Messenger account, so don't try to send email to it. If you if have AOL, see if I'm online and we can chat about BtVS (You can find in the member room, The Bronze). This really wasn't an update, but I'm working on more thumbnails and pics. Until next time.

How did everyone enjoy the Inca Mummy Girl ep? I think it was great. As before, I'm going to state that I really, really liked the wardrobes of Alyson and Sarah. I mean, the clothes they wore were slamming! They weren't dressy clothes; they were casual. It added to the realism of the episode, because normal kids wear casual clothes; they don't always look like a million bucks. By the way, did anyone see the one-eight hundred collect commercial at the very end of Inca Mummy Girl? I wish I could win that contest. For those of you that missed it, it is a contest where you use one-eight hundred collect and if you are lucky and know your BtVS trivia, you win. The prize is that you get to be staked by SMG!! This contest is a pretty good effort by the WB to draw in more viewers for the show.

Okay, to the updates.....
I checked the entire page over for errors (Spelling, grammar, and the links) and also started to upload some pictures (thanks, Emperor). Unfortunately, I just don't have enough space to upload all of my pics, sounds and videos. Sorry, but if anyone sees or hears about a server that offers more than 2 MB of free space, please email me. I would also like to add, What's up with the lack of posts in the message board? The message board was put up for a reason, so post.

I'm really sorry about the time between the updates. As I said before, school has really consumed my time. So far, I have spell checked everything (again), typed up more of my fanfic, created some thumbnails, added three more articles and have updated the episode guides for the new season. Also, I have found out some new information that may severly disappoint female BtVS fans. Nicholas Brendon has a girlfriend! How do I know this? In a recent Q And A session with TV Guide Online, David Boreanaz stated that, "I used to hang out with Nick, who plays Xander, but he's got a girlfriend now and everything." Sorry, ladies...
I would also like to say thanks to all the people that have visited this page. This page isn't even ready yet and it has a hundred hits. Thanks for visiting and showing that all my effort hasn't gone to waste!! More stuff soon...like pics, newsletters, sounds, videos....
I think I have the answer to a well debated question between the BtVS fans on America Online's Buffy postingboard. The question is, "Why doesn't Willow show off her legs like Buffy and Cordelia?" Okay, the question itself is kind of stupid, but it's understandable, because we all are BtVS fanatics. The answer is that Alyson has a tattoo of a dolphin on her ankle and that the producers of BtVS are concerned that it doesn't fit into the "Willow" image. I'm not sure about this, so can anyone confirm this? Okay, back to updates...
I added some new pictures to the pics/sounds/videos section. That's all for now...updates will be a little slow for awhile (until I have a vacation from school, at least) because I have a heavy workload from my English teacher...geez, somebody has to tell that guy to lighten up. So, until then, keep watching BtVS...
In today's Star Ledger there is a little article about BtVS in the Today Section (last page). Also, in the September 14th Sunday Edition of the Star Ledger, there is a special fall TV guide. On the cover of it there a drawing of SMG. Check it out...it looks real. I was just wondering, did everyone like the new ep of BtVS last night? I think it was pretty good (Buffy was like ALL OVER XANDER). I like the new Buffy Logo. I was at first turned off by Buffy's behavior. Then I realized that she died and everything. That must have been tramatizing. I have experience because once I fell from a rail (during rollerblading) and I cut open my leg. It took me awhile to get "normal" again. In all, I liked "When We Were Bad". Not a bad episode...
The new season of BtVS is coming. Just one more day.... I can't stand it! Anyway, I have confirmed all the episodes rumors that have been posted in previous entries. Also, in the 6th episode, (Halloween Rain) Angel kisses Buffy...I've heard that Xander will first be with Buffy, then Angel will get her for sure. I also got some new sound clips from Sarah's appearance on the Tonight Show. So...be ready...When We Were Bad is COMING!!!
Sarah's appearance on the Tonight Show was just a little bit disappointing. She was only on for about five to eight minutes. They didn't talk about much, just mainly about Sarah's background (Burger King Commercials), and Sarah's new movies. For me, the highlight of the show was see Sarah's face itself. Sarah was dressed fashionably and she had short, very blond hair (ear length). She looked very good and she looked like she was enjoying herself. Good for her. BtVS needs more promos. The WB is doing a great job, but it is not enough. Please, all you BtVS fans out there, take the time to write to the cast members of the show and show your support. Write to:

Cast Member's Name
c/o Buffy the Vampire Slayer
c/o The Warner Brothers Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522
A little info here...Buffy and her friends somehow find them selves in a spooky frat house in ep number five in the new season! (Thanks Molly) Also, on the first day of shooting the new season of BtVS, the whole place was swarmed with photographers. The whole day was spent taking pictures. That just means more pictures to find, download and post on this page....
Did any of you watch the MTV video music awards? Okay, I admit it. I don't want to sit in front of the TV for five hours straight. Alright, at least all of you should have taped it. I did. There was a lot of appearances by cast members from Scream 2. Also, one of the commercials was for IKWYDLS!! I really enjoyed that. I think that was one of the best commercials I have ever seen (for a movie). It really hyped me up! I was ready to go out and see the movie twice! Sarah was looking good as usual. Also, when she sees that her hair has been cut off, the expression on her face is worth its weight in gold. Her acting is just AWESOME. I guess that is it. Really quiet on the Buffy front this week. Ohhh...I'm so bogged down from school. Never mind, my troubles are my troubles. Until next time....
Just a little tidbit of info about I Know What You Did Last Summer (IKWYDS). Anyone watch Roseanne? Remember the "good" guy David? His real name is Johnny Galecki, and he plays a innocent murder victim in IKWYDS. More on "David".... Galecki wants to be the "bad guy" of all movies. He wants to be the man that you love to hate. He has been in three movies since Roseanne ended. The movies are IKWYDS, Bean (He's a motorcycle freak), and Suicide Kings, where he is a compulsive teenager.
"I don't know what it is, but something always drives me to make my characters as undesirable as possible. "
From the 9/4/97 Star Ledger.
Also, I'm in the middle of finishing the character bios.
This is a tiny update. I added about four articles and reorganized the articles page. You can check them out here. I also spell checked EVERYTHING. I'm starting to type up the fanfics, so you can expect them very soon.
Just some info here. This really has nothing to do with BtVS, but Robert Urich, from Spenser For Hire fame, is coming back from chemotherapy and radiation for a rare form of cancer. Urich is currently working on a PBS series called Boatworks and a CBS movie, Final Descent. Congrats to Robert Urich, its always cool to see a actor come back into the spotlight. (For people that don't realize the connection: Robert Urich used to work with Sarah on Spenser For Hire. Also, Sarah says in many articles that she has fond memories of Urich and the show.)
I've heard a lot of Buffy fans complaining about how hard it is to get the CD's of the bands that are on Buffy. After a recent check of the WB posting board, Ulysses011, told me that most or all the band's CDs could be obtained at CD Universe. Also, for all of you movie goers, in the promos before Excess Baggage, there was a little promo for I Know What You Did Last Summer. People that have seen the promo say that Sarah has really long hair. Anyway, as the opening date for I Know What You Did Last Summer comes, you should expect more and more advertising. For example, posters, books, the usual. You can already get a poster at Movie Posters.
This really isn't a big update, but here goes.. I revamped the whole articles/interviews section and added about 5 to 7 new articles. I also found out something new. Nicholas Brendon, Xander on Buffy, real name is Nicholas Brendon Shultz. Also, here's some info on the upcoming season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The first episode will be titled, When We Were Bad. It seems that Sarah will be going back to her AMC "bad girl" status. The 4th episode will be about Alyson Hannigan and her character Willow and something about leather. For all you Giles/ASH fans out there, yes, the 8th episode will go into the past of our favorite watcher.
Just finished adding a whole lot of articles and interviews. You can check them out here. Also, Sarah is scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on September 8th. Remember, the scheduling can change at any time. I just want to say something about Sarah. Whoo, she's been taking America by storm. Buffy on September 15th, I Know What You Did Last Summer on October 17th, then Scream 2 on December 12th; that girl got it on! I want to congratulate Sarah on her newfound success. Has anyone else noticed this? In the recent pictures of Sarah (Like the ones in TV Guide), you can see huge bags under her eyes. I feel sorry for her, but no pain, no gain.
Just a little bit of info here. I haven't really updated much. Right now, I'm working on organizing my files. I've got four hundred plus pictures and about a hundred and fifty sound files. I have to rename all of them and put them in folders. Well, enough with that talk. I just found out that Buffy the Vampire Slayer got a nomination from the Prime Time Emmy Awards for Outstanding Makeup In A Series for the Welcome To The HellMouth ep. I guess that's a start. Here's to future nominations and good job, Todd A. McIntosh, John Maldonado, John Wheaton and John Vulich.
Whoa, I have really slacked off lately. I'm in the middle of JV soccer tryouts, so now I'm going to have even less time to finish this page. Well, I have struck a deal with two BtVS newsletter publishers, V Buffy V and Molly. I'm going to post these newsletters in the Pics/Sounds/Videos section of my page.
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