Q And A With David Boreanaz
This Q And A was obtained from TV Guide Online, 1997.

Has it been hard to fit in with the regular cast? Also, how often did you flub the kissing scene with SMG?!?! I know a lot of guys would have kept on practicing that scene.

Deliberately flubbed. Of course. Just keep on going. They're a really great group of people over there. That's what made it so easy for me. And, you know, it was an easy adjustment; it wasn't hard. I kind of started on a recurring, so I started up with them when they first started the show, but I wasn't in on every episode. And then it just became kind of -- it just felt right, you know, it felt comfortable. So it was a total open arms on everybody's part. They're all very nice people.

TVGO SCI-FI: Was that a factor in giving Angel the expanded role? Or did they notice fan reaction?

You know, I don't really know. I just think that -- I really don't know, just worked out, you know? Just kind of seemed to work out. So, you know, that's just the way it is.

Is it weird to be famous?

Weird to be famous. I've never looked at myself as being a famous person, probably never will.

TVGO SCI-FI: Is that the secret?

Really strange concept to me. I work on a show. I'm fortunate enough to be on a show. I enjoy what I do. I think if you put cameras on doctors and people like lawyers and stuff -- which they do, kind of -- they become famous in themselves. I mean, it's kind of a weird medium that we're in. It's kind of the camera gets turned on you and you become famous.

It's kind of a strange word, famous. And it's one that I kind of stay away from, only because I just consider myself one of the people. Always want to be just a regular person. And I know that that's a lot easier to say than it is to do, actually, because the public perceives you as this other person, or people out there see you as this other character that you play. And it's great. I think that's very, you know, I love that, it's great.

But I kind of want to keep in check with that. You know, remember my roots, where I come from. And the only other that I can say is that you get a table faster at the restaurant maybe sometimes, I don't know.

TVGO SCI-FI: So it's not all bad.

You get the perks, I guess. You get free stuff in the mail. And little things that just kind of come along with the territory.

TVGO SCI-FI: What do you get for free?

Nice pair of Nike shoes, from the Nike people. That was nice.

Dear David, I would like to start by saying how much I enjoy the show and how much effort you put in to it. You and your character are doing the greatest job.

Are there any actors or actresses that give you inspiration?

Yeah, well, I was inspired by the late Yul Brynner at an early age. That's why I knew I wanted to be an actor: I saw him perform in The King and I in Philadelphia when he was still alive. I was 7 years old. And I saw him on stage. I was third row, and I was just blown away by his performance. And I came out and I just knew I wanted to be the King, I wanted to be an actor. He was unbelievable, the way he would just come out, he was still the King. He had a lot of power and force. I loved that in performances, a lot of power and force and subtlety as well.

I admire Gary Oldman, I admire Gwyneth Paltrow -- people that can be subtle and explosive at the same time. I love Pacino, Brando, those guys. I like eccentricity in characters. I think it's a mix -- Willem Dafoe is one of my favorite actors. I really like like John Cassavettes-type of characters, that kind of style. Raw and gritty. So that's the kind of stuff I like.

Hi David, how ya doing? I was wondering if you have experienced any embarrassing moments on the set of BtVS?

I haven't had a really big embarrassing moment yet on the set. Or maybe a couple of times where everybody was waiting for me to come to start a scene and I was outside goofing around, and I walked in and everyone just kind of looked at me. That was awkward.

Since you play a vampire on TV, were you into vampire movies before? Have you ever read any Anne Rice's books? Which was your favorite character and why?

Not necessarily, not really. I kind of only touched the surface while studying film at Ithaca. So I kind of studied some film there. And I watched, you know, Nosferatu was really a cool film. And I've read all the "Vampire Chronicles" books. Lestat was my favorite character. I thought that second book was one of the best books.

What kind of music do you like?

I'm kind of an old classic rock 'n roll kind of a guy. I like all types of music. The music I just don't really like, it gives me a headache, is house music. I don't deal with it that good, or electronic. That stuff's a little too -- I like live music like Clapton Live, I'm really a Grateful Dead kind of a guy. Rolling Stones. I'm way back. Like... Stills & Nash. I love blues. Blues, it depends -- you know, music sets the tone. You could really experience a lot through music.

TVGO SCI-FI: It's like the fiction you read, I guess.

Yeah. Music, it really has put me in a certain mood or helped me out, so it's therapy. I listen to the blues. I really love the blues, too. All types.

Hi! Now that Buffy's getting so much attention, and the cast is starting to make movies, is your career expanding at all? Any new movies or TV appearances in your future?

Well, we hope so. That's what we all would like. It would be great, you know? We've got some projects in the works, but we'll see.

Hi, David. I understand you're an animal lover. Me too. Would you please tell us about your pets? Thanks.

TVGO SCI-FI: Now, you told me a little about Bertha. Do you have any others? Bertha Blue and another, a Chinese crested powder puff. It's a small dog. It sounds like a name for a cereal but it's a really cool dog. It's a small dog, it could be a circus dog, it's a trip.

Curious to know if you play any sports and if so, what?

A big golf fan. I play a lot of golf now.

TVGO SCI-FI: How did you acquire a taste for golf?

I've always played a little bit here and there. In college, I played with my friends. And then I stopped. And out here... I can't remember how I got hooked back into it, but I just started playing again. And it's a great game for focusing and relaxing. It is a very relaxing sport.

TVGO SCI-FI: But you used to play a lot of hoops?

Used to play a lot of hoops. My left knee is bad sometimes. It slips on me sometimes. So it's not one of the better sports for me to play, hoops. Every time I play basketball, my knee always pops out somehow. Always happens. I play all sports. You know, hoops. Football is one of my favorite sports. Hockey -- I wish I could play ice hockey again, that'd be great.

TVGO SCI-FI: But again, 'cause of your knee, you can't do it?

The knee again, yeah. Till I get fixed. I'll probably get my knee fixed next year, 'cause it only takes about two weeks to do it. They just go in there and they replace the ligament. So I can get a stronger knee back. It's what I'd like to do.

Are you planning to explore Angel's Irish roots?

I think so, yes. I hope that that's in the making now. Yeah, because that's where Angel actually originally came from. And I'd like to speak some Gaelic on the show, if it's possible.

TVGO SCI-FI: Have you tried that?

Yeah. A girl that I know now, she's real versed in Gaelic, and she's great. She's from Dublin. So I hope that it is actually investigated. I think it's going to be investigated in all our characters, you know, on the show, which is great. I know Giles is now getting investigated now, his back story. So all in due time. I kind of want to just slowly develop this guy. I don't want to give everybody everything at once this character.

TVGO SCI-FI: Kailin also wants to know if the Claddagh has any meaning for you?

The Claddagh has a lot of meaning to me. Inside it is inscribed, in Gaelic, "Without you, my love." The Claddagh is extremely significant to me. The heart represents the love, and the hands are friendship... It has specific meaning for me.

Hi David!!!!! Wondering if u answer all your fan mail, letters or emails.

Yes. I do. I just got pictures, finally, in. It's been kind of crazy with all these pictures and stuff. But the pictures finally came in. And I have read all of the fan letters and I'm slowly getting to them all as best as I possibly can. I've called some people on the telephone. Actually, I do like calling them out of the blue just to surprise them. I think that's kind of neat.

TVGO SCI-FI: Wow! What's their reaction been when you get them on the phone?

They don't believe me sometimes. They're just kind of like, you know, who? What? Come on, who is this on the other end. And then all I do is refer to their letter and then they trip out. It's pretty funny.

Just wondering: how difficult is it playing a 242-year-old undead guy who is in love with someone who is supposed to kill him?

OK. As the character itself, how difficult is it playing a 242 year old undead man?

TVGO SCI-FI: I guess they wonder how difficult it is for you as an actor. I mean, I'm guessing there's very little in your personal experience that's like this.

Yeah, there is. You know, I haven't really put much thought into it. I mean, I know he's 242 years old. And I, as an actor, my job is to interpret the writing. So I just interpret what's on the script, and then I, you know, give a performance as best as I possibly can. But it's difficult at times, 'cause you have to do some research on time periods. And that's what I'm starting to do now.

TVGO SCI-FI: Are we going to see you in different time periods?

I hope so. I think that would be really cool, 'cause I kind of go back to some time periods. I think that would be really, really cool.

How long does it take for you to put on the vampire face ?

It takes about an hour 20 minutes. Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes an hour [and] 10 [minutes]. To take it off, it takes about 40 minutes, 'cause it's a prosthetic -- what it is, it's a prosthetic piece that fits around the nose, the bridge of the nose, and it's in my eyebrows. And so it's kind of like, you know, like Robin's mask on Batman and Robin? It's just like that, but what they do is then they paint the face on, they use the makeup to blend in. So it's the blending of the makeup that takes so much time, really basically. And then you just put the contact lenses on, and then you put the teeth in, and you're ready to rock and roll; you're ready to go. You're ready to hit the town. You're ready to hit the town and bite some ladies. Which I haven't done in a while, but may do soon.

TVGO SCI-FI: Right, you're sort of a recovering vampire.

I'm recovering. I can't stand it any more, I'm going to break loose. It's boiling up inside of me.

I'm not just a fan of Angel, but of the actor himself. Who are your friends offscreen and do you spend much time with them? Do you enjoy reading? Do you have a favorite author?

Let's see, I'd say I hang out -- I really hang out with my managers; Tom Posialli is a good friend of mine I hang out with. You know, my friends, not really on the set as much as I used to. I used to hang out with Nick, who plays Xander, but he's got a girlfriend now and everything. I hang out with my dog, Bertha.

TVGO SCI-FI: Bertha?

Yeah, Bertha Blue.

TVGO SCI-FI: What sort of dog?

She's a pound dog, a mix between a Lab, a little greyhound in her. I rescued her when she was a pup. Yes, she's a sweetheart. And I hang out with a very special person from Ireland.

TVGO SCI-FI: Do you have a favorite author?

I tend to read a variety. I enjoy reading Og Mandino. He's kind of like a self-help guru kind of a guy. My father turned me on to Og Mandino when I was in grade school and he kind of like gave me books for inspiration. So he was really inspiring.

I really like Roald Dahl, the late Roald Dahl, who was amazing, not only children's books, but also adult books, as well. I really dig Dr. Seuss. I really enjoy him a lot. Let's see, who else? I guess, you know, anything to do with film, I like film books or, you know, stuff like that.

TVGO SCI-FI: Biography?

Biographies. From Brando to -- I just finished a Brando biography that's been out three or four years. But I find it's kind of like quiet reading. And I was reading Tennessee Williams, [who] is another one of my favorite authors. Collected short stories. It's like my night reading.

TVGO SCI-FI: That's a pretty varied palette you have there.

You know, it's kind of like whatever I'm in the mood for. I have a library of tons of authors that I just kind of, whatever I'm feeling, I pick a book up and I just read it again. And I have, like, three or four books going at the same time.

Buffy kicks ass! And Angel is gorgeous.

Buffy does kick ass. She's funny, man. Even when she's down and out, whatever power she may have, you know, she comes back with a flair.

TVGO SCI-FI: Stephanie also said you're gorgeous.

That's very kind. Thank you, very much. I owe that to my mom and dad. Those are the two people that started it all for me. God bless parents. Where would we be without them?

TVGO SCI-FI: Unborn, I suppose.

That's very true.

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer! It is my FAVORITE show! I watch it faithfully every week! I was wondering are you planing to do any stunts in the up coming season(s)? Cause I know Sarah Michelle Gellar does her own. Thanks a lot! I love angel!!!!!

Yeah, actually, yeah. I've been doing some stunts in the past three episodes. We're now in episode six. And I've been kicking some vampire butt. That's been wild. A lot of fights. I've been doing more and more of my stunts, which is great. But as far as falling through windows is concerned, no. I'm not doing any of that yet. But I am doing a lot of light fighting.

This may sound stupid, but what did you look like when you were a kid?

That's all right, David, don't worry about sounding stupid. What did I look like when I was a kid. I had blond hair, extremely curly hair. Extremely long, curly blond hair. So this is quite a change.

TVGO SCI-FI: Wow. What happened?

I don't know. I guess just as I grew, my hair got darker. My hair is naturally curly. It just gets relaxed; I relax it for the show to straighten it out a little bit. If it was, you know, left, it's naturally curly. I get like this wave.

While waiting to hit the 'big time'... 1. What was the WORST job you've ever had? 2. What was the BEST job you've ever had?

Oh, God. Best job I've ever had. I'm really enjoying this job now. I have to say. I think that's really, it's a great job. A lot of other plays I've done, and one play in particular I did last summer I really enjoyed. It was here in Los Angeles, called Cowboy Mouth. It was a Sam Shepard play.

TVGO SCI-FI: Where in LA did you do it?

Right on the theater row there. They've got a small theater, the Hudson Theater.

TVGO SCI-FI: Who directed that?

Hamlet Sarkisian, who's a Russian director, who I really enjoyed working for. He came from the Leningrad School of Arts and he was real deep, you know? He was really amazing to work with.

TVGO SCI-FI: Did you learn a lot from him?

I really learned a lot from that guy. Let's see, worst job I've ever had. I'd kind of have to say parking cars was pretty bad.

TVGO SCI-FI: That sucks pretty bad, yeah.

Yeah. But I think a lot of the worst jobs I've had I've always -- there have been times when I've dreaded them. But there were times I've found ways to have a good time with them. I figure if I'm going to be stuck here working, I better have a good time. I'm not going to be miserable in a miserable situation. How can I turn this around? Because I know it's only temporary. So why hurt yourself even more? I always had that kind of philosophy. I mean, there are times when you're like, yeah, this really is the pits, man, this is terrible. And you get depressed. And then you just remind yourself that it's temporary and then you just go on and make the best of it.

Do you like the East or West Coast better? What did you think of the script when you first read it? And is there anything you'd change about your character?

I like the benefit of living on the East Coast. Of course, you have the changing of the seasons, which I really love. The West Coast is great for the weather at a certain time. I love the reality of the people back home. That's where I'm from, so my heart is kind of partial towards the East Coast on that level. Let's see, what was the second part of that?

TVGO SCI-FI: What did you think of the Buffy script when you first read it?

I'm trying to remember, 'cause it happened so fast. I got the role very fast. I was shooting the next day when I got the part. And I didn't have the script, I just had sides to it, you know. I had eight pages of sides that I had to learn. And then I kind of read the script after work. I really don't remember that part much. It happened so fast, you know?

And what I'd like to change in Angel's character? Just... man, I'd love to see sunrise outside. I'd love to be in the sun, man. That's would be probably one thing I'd like to change. I'd like to be able to have some kind of -- I don't know -- powers to be able to step outdoors and see the sunlight.

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