Hollywood Grapevine
This article was obtained from TV Guide, July 26th, 1997.
By Mark Schwed
Thanks to Lawless for providing this article.

      One thing "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" Sarah Michelle Gellar knows how to do is scream. And she's been doing a lot of it this summer while making two movies, "I Know What You Did Last Summer," a thriller about four teens with a dark secret, and "Scream 2," the spook-spoof sequel starring Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox. Both were written by Kevin Williamson (whose new WB show, "Dawson's Creek," is already triggering buzz). After a chance meeting on a plane, he decided he had to cast Gellar in "Scream 2." (She was already in "Summer.") "Yes, yes, it's true," says Williamson. "It's a juicy little part and she's rocking. But I didn't have to push her hard. [Director] Wes Craven fell in love with her, too. I want her in every one of my movies."

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