Double Duty For The Emmys
Thanks to Lawless for providing this article.

      Sarah Michelle Gellar was on double duty for the recent Daytime Emmys. Not only was she a nominee in the Younger Leading Actress category, but Gellar was also working overtime as a guest correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. "It was a great way to corner everyone when they walked in," jokes Gellar. "They had to talk to me." Gellar's assignment was to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Emmys. "I wasn't nervous at all," she declares. " It was easy because everyone was so bubbly that night." A highlight for Gellar was talking to ONE LIFE TO LIVE Emmy winners Hillary B. Smith, Susan haskell, and Roger Howarth. Was it hard basking in their glory after losing in her own category? "Not at all," she insists. "I may not have won, but I still have eight more years in this category." "Besides", Gellar cracks, "If my career on AMC doesn't work out, Mary Hart [ET co-host], move over!"

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