Alyson Hannigan
This article was obtained from UltimateTV, 1997.

Q&A: The Important Stuff

UltimateTV: Who is your favorite actress?
Alyson: Jodie Foster. She's so good. Someone who would take time off from a good career to go to college and then come back. Wow.

U: And actor?
A: Steve Buscemi. He's so offbeat, such a weirdo, I love him.

U: What's your favorite movie?
A: Toy Story. I'm slightly obsessed with Toy Story -- this was even before I met Joss. When I was a kid, I would spend countless hours trying to sneak up on my toys because I knew they had secret lives. I was determined to catch them in the act, but I never did.

U: What shows do you try to catch on a regular basis?
A: The X-Files and the Simpsons. The Simpsons are very cool. The X-Files because it's a quality show that's interesting.

U: Sticking with pop, let's talk music... favorite bands?
A: "I'm really into Cake right now. Songs... I will survive. Rock and Roll Lifestyle. That's a great one."

U: What do you like to do when you're not shooting?
A: Playing with my animals. Bike riding. Sports. Doing stuff that's exercise but you don't know it's exercise, like bike riding.

U: What about your character? Any similarities?
A: She's a lot smarter, bookwormy wise, computer literate, and I'm not, so... I'm like her because we look alike, she doesn't get all the guys, she's not the most popular at school, she's just kind of in her own little world. She has crushes on guys who don't have crushes back on her.

U: What about the occult? Vampires? Witches? What's your take on all this?
A: I think it's interesting. I've always been intrigued by vampires... Anything that's different from everyday normal blase people. You know, they could exist. They might.

U: Tell us something memorable from your days on the set?
A: There's so many. But they're 'you had to be there' stories. There was this one time I had some animal crackers but they were so stale. And I gave them to George [Joss' assistant]. And he was trying to be polite but they were so stale. And then Nick (Xander) comes by and starts eating them and didn't notice they were stale. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Another time, we had this scene where Nick and I are supposed to laugh uncontrollably and Joss said if I couldn't do it, he was going to bring some animal crackers and make George eat them. But we sugared up and everything was ok.

U: Anything else you'd like to tell viewers of the show?
A: Write to me, care of the WB.

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