Aol Chat With Alyson Hannigan And Nicholas Brendon
This article was obtained from America Online Inc., March 26th, 1997.

OnlineHost: Good evening! The WB Virtual Lot Presents: Cybertalk!
Tonight we are joined by Nicholas Brendon and Alyson Hannigan from the
much-talked-about new series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" airing Monday nights
at 9:00 PM ET/PT on The WB Network. Welcome Nicholas and Alyson!

WB Al nNic: Hi everyone!

WB Online7: Our first question comes from TARutter...
Question: How long have you both been acting and how did you get into it?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Two years and a girl broke my heart...I had to express myself.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Since I was a kid. I started doing commercials in Atlanta and I loved it.

WB Online7: FAGUAR wants to know...
Question: Xander, will you end up with Buffy or Willow?

WB Al nNic: You'll have to watch the show in May!

Question: Are you both attending school as well?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - We've graduated.

WB Online7: From Polly44...
Question: What was your favorite project to date and what other TV or movies can we expect to see you guys in soon?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - My favorite project has been "Buffy" because I usually don't like watching myself, but I love the show so much that I don't mind.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I've pretty much have only done "Buffy" so , by default, that would be my favorite :)

WB Online7: From Wormie113...
Question: How old is Alyson?

WB Al nNic: I turned 23 on Monday.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I am as well, in my 20's.

WB Online7: From Lawgirl54....
Question: What do you do to prepare yourself for a role?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Shower : ) No, actually I make sure I know my lines and know what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I talk to Joss (our exec. producer) and ask him what he wants...and do the opposite. : )

WB Online7: From MMS4ever....
Question: How did you get the parts that you play in Buffy?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I auditioned way too many times and finally they couldn't find anyone I got the job.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I auditioned as well, but it wasn't as tedious as it was for Alyson.

WB Online7: From MURFE77...
Question: How do you like acting on the WB?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - The show being on The WB is better because there's more support there and they'll allow the show to evolve.

WB Online7: From LiaTTR...
Question: What is your ultimate acting goal?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - To say, "I love you..I love you..I love the Oscars accepting my Academy Award.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I want to get to the point where I get to choose my scripts.

WB Online7: From Sigpisces...
Question: Are you fans of horror films?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the "Evil Dead" movies.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I am the biggest wimp when it comes to watching horror films. I just saw Scream and nearly broke my nose from trying to cover my eyes. But I love them!

WB Online7: From HalleFGY.....
Question: Who are your mentors and idols?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Jack Lemmon...Billy Bob Thornton...

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Dr. Seuss!

WB Online7: Another question from Sigpisces...
Question: What do each of you like most about your character?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I like that Willow is so smart.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I like the fact that Xander is so dumb : )

WB Online7: From GoodGRL7....
Question: What did you both think of the Oscars?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Cuba ruled!

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I wasn't aware that David Letterman was in "The English Patient."

WB Online7: From MMS4EVER....
Question: What kind of props do you work with?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Crosses, stakes, holy water...and beautiful women.

WB Online7: From MESSYRUM...
Question: Can I have the address for Buffy the Vampire Slayer? How old are you? I love the show! You are cute.

WB Al nNic: You can write to the cast in care of The WB Network at 4000 Warner Blvd., Burbank, CA 91522.

WB Online7: From ToCool34...
Question: What's it like to be a part of a show like this?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Really cool, Too Cool!

WB Online7: From Bttl657....
Question: Are your family members and good friends actors/in the biz?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - My mom's an agent.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I'm the only person in my family that acts.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - My identical twin brother also acts.

WB Online7: From MURFE77...
Question: Do you both believe in vampires?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I do suck the blood from the I guess I would have to : )

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Sure...who am I to say that there are no vampires in the world.

WB Online7: For Alyson, from FAQUAR...
Question: Alyson, what acting jobs have you done because my friends and I have seen you somewhere and we don't know where? -FAQUAR

WB Al nNic: Probably from a movie called "My stepmother is an Alien." It starred Dan Ackroyd and Kim Basinger.

WB Online7: From Wormie113...
Question: How old is Alyson, and does she have a boyfriend?

WB Al nNic: I'm 23 and no, I don't have a boyfriend.

WB Online7: From DodgerBY3....
Question: What are your favorite movies and TV shows? Do you both watch Buffy on TV?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - The Simpsons. And yeah, I watch "Buffy" on TV.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - The Simpsons, Seinfeld and The X-Files. And Buffy is my favorite show on TV.

WB Online7: From BeenDare...
Question: What is the mood on the set like.... any jokesters?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - It's a happy least for me. But people make fun of me sometimes for being too happy.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Yeah, it's a good mood.

WB Online7: From Scoobys5t...
Question: For Both: What is the most exciting monster on the show? I thought there was only gonna be vampires, but when I saw yesterdays show, that was freaky! =)

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - There are more freaky monsters to come. Believe me! But I don't want to spoil it.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - The shows just keep getting better.

WB Online7: From Jonny1770...
Question: My name is Johnnie and I want to get into acting. Any suggestions? I live in LA so going to Hollywood is not a problem.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Just do what you believe in and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Persistence is key...and get some headshots : )

WB Online7: From Sigpieces...
Question: I love the comic interplay among the characters. Do you have trouble getting through scenes because everyone is breaking up?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Yes...then we get punished by Joss (exec. producer).

WB Online7: From HydroxyAp....
Question: What would you say is the best aspect of working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer so far?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - The people that I've worked with.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - The people are amazing.

WB Online7: From Honor467....
Question: Is this your first online chat?

WB Al nNic: Yes, this is the first time for both of us.

WB Online7: Another from Sigpisces...
Question: You guys are great sidekicks--who are some of your favorite movie or TV sidekicks?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - It would have to be Chuck Norris in "Sidekick"

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I personally love "Happy" ...the dog from "7th Heaven."

WB Online7: From Parker690...
Question: Do you like Sarah M. Gellar?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Yes, she's an amazing person.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Ditto.

WB Online7: From Polly44...
Question: Can I get an autographed picture of you both?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I send pictures when I get fan mail, so write to me in care of The WB Network.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Ditto.

WB Online7: From Jeewlia.....
Question: Where is Buffy filmed?

WB Al nNic: It's filmed in Santa Monica and at Torrance High School. The same high school as "Beverly Hills 90210."

WB Online7: From ConnrKy...
Question: What is a typical day like for you? Do you work 5 days a week? <<>>

WB Al nNic: Alyson - When we're shooting, we work very long hours, 5 days a week.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Ditto. What's you're day like? Very curious!

WB Online7: From MessRUM...
Question: What is it like being a actor? I like the show! I think that you are cute. Can I have your address?

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - If you're addressing me...acting is a blessing. Thank you for liking the show and please keep watching.

WB Al nNic: Alyson - If your addressing ME, I don't really consider myself an's not exactly who I am, it's just what I do.

WB Online7: From Yogzilla...
Question: I really love the show, mostly because of the wonderful cast. However, I've got to know - - what are your own views/opinions on the supernatural?? Keep up the fantastic work!!

WB Al nNic: Alyson - Thanks for liking us. I think anything different is interesting.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - Thanks for liking the show.

WB Online7: We would like to thank "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" stars Nicholas Brendon and Alyson Hannigan for joining us this evening on this week's edition of The Virtual Lot's CyberTalk(TM.) Watch Alyson and Nicholas on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Monday nights at 9:00 PM ET/PT on The WB Network. Chat with the stars of your favorite Warner Bros. TV and Movies every Wednesday 9 pm/ET on The Virtual Lot Keyword: WBLot. Don't miss "Selena" star John Seda next Tuesday @ 9 pm/ET. Keyword: CyberTalk. If Nicholas or Alyson missed your question, they will chatting for a few minutes over on The Virtual Lot. Keyword: WBLot Then click on chat lounge. See you there! Any final words for your cyber fans, Alyson and Nicholas?

WB Al nNic: Alyson - I just want to thank everyone for their positive feedback about the show.

WB Al nNic: Nicholas - I would like to thank everyone as well. And remember...we're back on Mondays at 9:00 PM on The WB! See ya there. Thanks again...Bye!

WB Online7: Thanks for joining us tonight, everybody! Good night from Warner Bros. Online! :)

WB Online7: Copyright 1997 Warner Bros.

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