Like Mother, Like Daughter
Thanks to Lawless for providing this interview.

      Sarah Michelle Gellar is having the time of her life! It's no surprise since she's playing one of the most interesting characters on daytime - the scheming daughter of the biggest schemer of them all, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci)! Even though she's only sixteen, it's clear that Sarah is someone to watch in the future!

How do you feel about playing such a big role?
I didn't know when I auditioned for it. I was scared enough just to be working with Susan, and then I was like, "I'm her what? Daughter? Excuse me?!"

What's it like working with Susan?
I couldn't have asked to work with anyone better. You can't not have a good working relationship with her. I remember on my first day I walked into the rehearsal hall as Susan and Michael Nader were rehearsing a scene, and I just snuck to the back of the room. I remember Susan said, "hold it. We need to stop for a minute" and she walked over to me and said, 'Congratulations! I'm very glad you're here!" She really helped me by introducing me to everybody and making sure I was okay.

What does this whole AMC experience mean to you?
I feel that if you can do daytime, you can do anything. There's nothing like it. To do theater is one thing, but with daytime, it's a new script every day. You really become your character. Soaps are great if you can handle it. I watch Susan and I marvel at how she does it. I'm always worried about where I'm going to stand and what I'm going to say and she does it effortlessly.

What would you like to see Kendall get involved with?
I'd like to see Kendall and Hayley get together and for an Unwanted Illegitimate Children Anonymous group or something! I'd like to see Kendall and Erica really struggle. I'd also like Kendall to soften a little bit. Whatever they give me, I'll be happy to do.

You've worked in primetime and film. What do you think about the stigma that is placed on daytime by some people?
I don't mean to bash all these people who leave daytime for primetime, but I don't think those nighttime sitcoms are a hell of a lot better these days. In some cases, daytime has a lot more talented people than in primetime. The storytelling is much better, and I think the stigma is finally starting to wear off.

It sounds like you're having an incredible time.
They're such great people. I can't believe they're paying me to do this!

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