Star Chat With Charisma Carpenter
This article was obtained from Ultimate TV, April 15th, 1997.

Q: "How did you get the name Charisma?"
A: "Tacky bottle of Avon perfume from the 1970's."

Q: "Are you upset you got the part of a snob?"
A: "She gets to say everything that's really on her mind."

Q: "Which episode did you most enjoy doing?"
A: "The one with me in it the most. It's called "Out of Mind, out of Sight." But also, "Puppet Show" was a lot of fun because I had to overcome singing in front of gobs of people."

Q: "When were you a Charger Girl?"
A: "1991. For a year."

Q: "What future plotline would you like to see?"
A: "Why don't you guys send some suggestions?"

Q: "Do you find that most guys are intimidated by your looks?"
A: "I really don't know what they're thinking. I hope not. Thank you for thinking I look good."

Q: "Was acting something you always wanted to do?"
A: "No. I was going to be a teacher and it just kinda came easily to me (acting) and now it's my passion."

Q: "Where do you hope to end up in life?"
A: "Married.. with children. A career that allows me to live out of LA, comfortable."

Q: "Where are you originally from?"
A: "Las Vegas, Nevada."

Q: "Is there any one thing about yourself that you would like people to know?"
A: "That I'm nothing like my character. I'm a normal human being like everyone else. I really enjoy the outdoors and I spend a lot of time keeping and staying fit."

Q: "How is your relationships with the other cast members?"
A: "Amazing."

Q: "What do you look for in a man?"
A: "A really good relationship between all of us. It's getting better as the weeks progress and we're thrown together, getting to know each other more and more. A pulse." A joke folks.

Q: "Cordelia hasn't been around much the past few weeks, any Cordelia episodes coming up?"
A: "No kidding. Write in and protest. Yes, the last four episodes there will be plenty of Cordelia."

Q: "Do you have a fan club yet or should I start one?"
A: "Start one."

Q: "I have heard that you were discovered while waiting tables. Can you describe the experience, and do you have any advice for up and coming actors/actresses?"
A: "Uh... yeah. Move to LA, number one, if you want to be in film. If you want to be in theater, move to New York. Enroll in acting classes, see if you like it. Submit resumes with your picture to local agencies and try not to take rejection personally."

Q: "What was your high school experience like? Were you popular or a cheerleader?"
A: "In fact, I was a cheerleader. Obviously, I took cheerleading to the umph-degree, being a professional cheerleader for a short time. And there were always people more popular than I was."

Q: "Is Cordelia ever going to get a clue about what is going on with Buffy & Co and if so would she join them?"
A: "You'll have to tune in and watch."

Q: "How do you relate to your character Cordelia?"
A: "We both like clothes, other than that, I don't know... boys..."

Q: "Do you have any role models or influences when it comes to acting?"
A: "Yes, but everytime I'm put on the spot to answer them, I can't think of them. I like Holly Hunter, I think she's really talented. Julliette Lewis, Claire Danes is really talented, considering her age."

Q: "Do people stop you on the street to ask questions?"
A: "No, but anybody can."

Q: "What is your favorite band?"
A: "I just bought like five cd's. Right now, I like Paula Cole, her cd's awesome. Basically, I like music that evokes emotion and feeling and moves me, not necessarily in the physical sense."

Q: "Which was more fun to work on, Buffy or Malibu Shores?"
A: "I'm close to both. I'd have to say Buffy might be a little more fun because it's bizarre to sit across from a vampire at lunch time."

Q: "You have a certain image on the show. Is it hard to maintain your appearance...weight.. etc.?"
A: "That's a good question. Yes. And I'm active every week to maintain a strong, healthy body."

Q: "What do you like to do in your spare time?"
A: "Hike, I'm going rock climbing, I'm running a 5k for breast cancer soon. I just like to be in the outdoors."

Q: " I know you were a San Diego Charger Cheerleader, so were you with the team when they made to the Super Bowl 3 years ago? If so, did you know any players?"
A: "It was in our contract that we don't mingle with the players. I guess some player's wife found out about a cheerleader/football player romance and nixed any mingling."

Q: "Do you read all your fan mail? Do you respond to all of them?"
A: "Yes, I do. I have a stack at home on my desk to respond to."

Q: "What are your short term career goals and/or dreams?"
A: "Short term career goal... is to do a small independent feature, that would be ideal. Not necessarily the lead. I'm living my dream now."

Q: "How do you prepare yourself each day for shooting?"
A: "I have acting lessons on scripts that I feel most challenged by. I don't have a social life when I'm working. I stay up writing my lines over and over again to memorize them so they come across naturally."

Q: "Do you like it here in LA? Is there someplace that you would rather be?"
A: "I don't care for LA that much, but I have to be here for work. I'm from San Diego, so home is always nice. Some day I would like to live on a ranch somewhere with my dogs and have a horse. I like Andie McDowell's lifestyle. Beautiful husband and kids. She can come in and out of town when required. She cooks. She has a great lifestyle."

Q: "Are you interested in other aspects of performing? Directing?"
A: "If anything, writing. I always write poetry and have written since I was a kid."

Q: "What is your idea of a perfect date?"
A: "To be with somebody that's genuinely interested in you as a person. Something in the outdoors. I don't know."

Q: "What are your favorite foods?"
S: "Mexican, Peanut Butter, when I'm bad. And fruits and vegetables and red meat."

Q: "Do you like Broadway musicals?"
A: "I can't stand Broadway Musicals. I heard Rent's good, though. They're annoying. Yeah, I'd rather go to the ballet."

Q: "Which commercials were you in?"
A: "The most recognizable one is Secret-Ultra Dry. Filmed atop a New York City building."

Q: "How do you like working in commercials?"
A: "I'd rather be doing TV or film, but it's fine. Money's good."

Q: "Is there any other profession that you'd like to pursue?"
A: "Probably writing. Whether I'd do it professionally is another story, I just might keep that creative side to myself."

Q: "What do you see as the greatest challenge in playing your role? The greatest reward?"
A: "Being really mean, especially to Willow, because Alyson's my friend, and the greatest reward? I get to live vicariously through her and say what we all think."

Q: "Have you done many online chats before? Are you very computer "savvy?"
A: "I am so computer illiterate it's not even funny. But I'm working on it. My best friend is loaning me her computer for the summer while she's in New York."

Q: "Do you see yourself playing a larger role in the series next season?"
A: "Definitely. Would you like that?"

Q: "Did you see the movie Scream?"
A: "Yeah, it scared me. I saw it with Sarah, Alyson and George (Joss' assistant.) Sarah and I were clutching hands screaming aloud. George and Alyson were embarrassed."

Q: "Your initials and your characters Initials are both the same does that seem strange to you?
A: "Strange, no. But our names are so uncommon, so in that way, it's hilarious on the set, because people call me Cordy on the set by mistake. Our names are so outrageous. But there's a story behind that name. Joss' wife went to school with a really mean girl and her name was Cordelia."

Q: "If you were to die tomorrow what's one thing you'd like to achieve?"
A: "That's not much time. I think the only thing I would regret is that I didn't have a family."

Q: "Will you guys be doing any live promotions for the show (mall tours, that kind of thing..)"
A: "Probably. I just came back from Kansas City where I was at a Royal's game. Throwing a pitch in with Garrett Morris from the Jamie Foxx show, also on the WB."

Q: "Are you a big sports fan?"
A: "Not baseball. I am very active in sports, as you may have read earlier."

Q: "In your opinion, what is your best quality and how has it helped you in your acting career?"
A: "I'm pretty determined. My mom taught me not to take things personally, such as rejection because it's only a select few's opinion."

Q: "Since you started acting, are there any "precious moments" that you hold dear (relationships with producers, directors, actors, etc.)?"
A: "I'm good friends with Susan Ward from Malibu Shores. She's now on Sunset Beach. I'm pretty close to a lot of people I work with, but I only have two or three friends I would do anything for."

Q: "Who is the funniest one on the show?"
A: "Me." Charisma Carpenter

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