Charisma Carpenter
This article was obtained from Sixteen Magazine, 1997.
Thanks to V Buffy V for providing this interview.

Charisma Carpenter plays a witchy Cordelia, totally popular and nasty as she wants to be! Charisma herself, as you might guess, is way nicer than her TV alter ego, and way more, dare we say it, okay Charismatic. :)

16: We'll start with the obvious name game question.

Charisma: It is my real name, my mom was inspired by a bottle of perfume. Growing up with it was an absolute curse, though. People would tease me, "What's that, a disease?" So I called myself Chrissy for a while. I didn't grow into my name until my teens.

16: On Buffy, you play Cordelia: How would you describe her?

Charisma: She comes off as a snobby witch, but I see her as a survivor. She's smart and funny and misunderstood. And she's got problems at home. In later episodes, you'll see more sides of her.

16: Are you anything like Cordelia in real life?

Charisma: I'm nothing like her except that like her, I do go after things I want. Not as aggressively though!

16: How did you get into acting?

Charisma: I was a dancer my whole life, classically trained ballet. I grew up in Las Vegas and then moved to a town in Mexico near San Diego, CA. I attended a performing arts high school there, and was always in school productions. When I moved to LA, people encouraged me to get into either acting or modeling, so I took acting classes.

16: What else have you been in besides Buffy?

Charisma: I did some commercials. Then, a guest role of Ashley on Malibu Shores, but that canceled pretty quickly.

16: What do you do when you're not acting?

Charisma: I work out alot and I play with Sydney, my golden retriever, he's my life!!

16: Does the cast hang out together?

Charisma: We've started to, yeah. Sarah's great, really smart. She's doing a movie now, and she has no social life when she's working. Alyson is the funniest girl I know. And Nicky's the kind of guy you could sit down and have a heart to heart talk with one minute and the next, he'll crack you up. It's a great group!

16: Do you believe in vampires?

Charisma: No way!

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