Buffy Builds Web Following
This article was obtained from New York Daily Vue, June 28th, 1997.
Thanks to Lawless for providing this article.

      "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator/producer Joss Whedon (above) has been keeping track of the show's Internet growth, with more than 40 sites now devoted to the cult hit show. Naturally, fans on the web have been sending in ideas on what they want to see happen on the series. Says Whedon: "I read that someone thinks Buffy [Sarah Michelle Gellar] should have a romance with Angel [David Boreanaz], or that Willow should get together with him. And I just sit back and laugh, because I know what's really going to happen." He assures us that there will be plenty of romance as the show goes on. "After all, they are in high school." Incidentally, if parents are worried about the influence of "Buffy" and her campy, creepy doings, Whedon is here to tell you that his girl is really a role model. "I see her as an empowered young woman handling an immense responsibility. I really do."

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