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This article was obtained from Sun Newspapers, April 24th, 1997.
By Stan Urankar

9 p.m. Monday, WUAB-TV (43)
(Times varies for baseball/basketball)

      "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is the best entry yet from the young WB network. Better than the 1992 movie on which it is based, "Buffy" merrily blends old-fashioned scares and new-fangled humor, serving up '50s-style suspense with a '90s-style sensibility.

      Seems the doorway to the underworld sits above Sunnydale, Calif., the quiet town where high-school girl Buffy Summers finds ancient prophecy had dealt her a devil of a hand. She must serve as "slayer" of vampires, ghouls and assorted other nasties headed for Earth and looking for bloodsucking action.

      The punch in this campy gem is packed by Buffy, mild-mannered teen by day and stake-carrying martial-arts expert by night. She longs for a normal social life ("If the Apocalypse comes, beep me!") but is reminded of her destiny, thanks to the scholarly teacher (Anthony Steward Head, familiar from those Taster's Choice commercials) who serves as her "watcher."

      Villainous onslaughts have their tense moments, enough to make "Buffy" a no-no for the small fry. Teens will enjoy its terror, grown-ups will savor its wit and everyone will cheer lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar as its reluctant but remarkable heroine. Hunt down "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and see that it's a killer.

WATCH IT? When you can find it ...
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