I Know What You Did Last Summer
This article was obtained from Reuters, October 16th, 1997.
By Paul Karon
Thanks to Ulysses011 for providing this article.

HOLLYWOOD (Oct. 16) - The teen-horror picture ''I Know What You Did Last Summer'' seems to be scaring some movie executives even before it opens this weekend.

Miramax Films, producers of last year's hit teen-slasher picture ''Scream,'' is suing over the ad campaign for the new film, which is produced by Sony-based Mandalay Entertainment. Both films were written by Kevin Williamson.

At issue, according to sources, is a line in the ads that describes ''I Know What You Did Last Summer'' as being ''from the creator of 'Scream.'''

The ''creator'' tag usually applies to a film's director. Wes Craven directed ''Scream,'' while Jim Gillespie directed ''I Know What You Did Last Summer.''

Miramax reportedly filed the suit against Mandalay and Sony in New York late Wednesday. Miramax and Sony officials had no comment.

The ''from the creator of'' line first appeared in ads in August and has continued since on posters, standees and TV and radio spots.

Both the Writers Guild and the Directors Guild reportedly approved the ''from the creator of'' wording, according to sources involved with ''I Know What You Did Last Summer.''

Sources said Miramax issued warnings to Mandalay earlier this week, threatening legal action if Mandalay did not pull the line in question from its ad campaign -- despite the fact that 95% of the movie publicity has already been displayed or broadcast.

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