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OnlineHost: Tonight we are joined by BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER's handsome "Angel", actor David Boreanaz. Part-vampire, part-human, always mysterious, "Angel" is the only one who can turn Buffy's head. David Boreanaz, 27, is here tonight to take your questions about his career and about life behind the scenes of BUFFY.

Pomond: Welcome, David!

Pomond: How are you this evening?

AngelDavid: Greetings everyone! I'm great! It's hot in LA -- I'm surviving the heat.

Pomond: Well, I see that we've got a BUNCH of questions for David, so let's get going!

Question: Is Sarah ever going to get a computer?

Pomond: (I'm assuming they mean the character of Buffy on the show.)

AngelDavid: I don't know. :)

Pomond: OK, next question ...

Question: What kind of presence will Angel have next season?

AngelDavid: Hopefully, a strong a presence. I don't know anything specifically about next season's scripts, but it's going to be a great season, so look out!

Question: Would you like to do screen work?

AngelDavid: Yes, definitely. I love the whole process, the preparation. TV has much more of a turnaround time, you see the results faster, but film is much more of a process. It's like two different kinds of paint on a canvas: oil and water. Both are beautiful, but they are different kinds of art.

Question: I wanted to know if you have a Fan Club for yourself or possibly for the show?

AngelDavid: No personal fan club, or for the show. This is all so new to me. But you can always send mail to the WB network for me!

Pomond: I think you can also find fan club information on the WB site (Keyword: WB)

Question: She's the slayer, he's a vampire. where is this relationship going? I know if I were Buffy, I'd have him make me into a vampire so we could be together forever!

AngelDavid: Hey folks, Bertha Blue, my dog says hi!

Pomond: Hey, Bertha! So whaddaya think, David? Do Buffy and Angel have a chance? (in a relationship, that is)

AngelDavid: I'm pretty tormented right now, so it's not very fun being a vampire. I'm torn between two worlds. But I'd love to watch the sunrise with Buffy, just once! :)

Question: What has been your favorite episode of "Buffy" so far?

AngelDavid: I loved the Hyenas episode. I loved the music, the editing and a very cool, eerie script. I loved watching the principal get killed.

Question: Would you write to one of your fans personally?

AngelDavid: Yes, I definitely would. If I get a letter that I can really feel and get in touch with, I would write the person back personally. I wouldn't use e-mail or call, I'd write a real letter.

Question: David: Has Joss let you in on what he has planned for Angel next season or how many eps you will be in?

AngelDavid: Because I'm a vampire, I can tell you I probably won't be in every episode. But he hasn't clued me in specifically on what will happen. We start shooting again in mid-July, so there's still a good month and a half for the writers to work.

Question: Are you open to the possibility of dating a fan?

AngelDavid: No, sorry. I'm afraid not.

Question: Who would you love to work with?

AngelDavid: Besides the people I'm working with right now? Gary Oldman, Martin Scorcese, Liam Neeson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pacino, DeNiro. My dad, my dog, friends and family too.

Question: What do you still hope to do, career wise?

AngelDavid: I just hope to do good work, whatever comes my way and I'm blessed with. I'd like to focus primarily on film work, down the line.

Question: What made you think of becoming an actor?

AngelDavid: I was brought up in an entertainment family. He (David's Dad) started out as an entertainer and is now a weather forecaster in Philadelphia. In addition, I saw Yul Brenner in "The King And I " when I was 7.

Question: If you weren't acting, what would you be doing?

AngelDavid: Walking my dog, working with animals, probably with horses.

Question: What advice do you have for a beginning actor?

AngelDavid: Do Theatre. Lots of Theatre. Stand up in front of live audiences. It's so important to do that because it helps you become confident. You learn to work off your mistakes. In order to succeed, you need to fail and fall down. It makes you a stronger person. :)

Question: How did you get the part of Angel?

AngelDavid: It was in the 11th hour. I had to audition, like anybody else, and I was able to pass the test. I think it might have been the sense of humor I brought that got me the role! In the beginning of the audition, I was trying to turn the rocking chair into a motorcycle and got everybody laughing.

Question: so, what's gonna happen between Buffy and Angel? Is Giles going to find a cure to return Angel to an actual human?

AngelDavid: We haven't researched that yet. I have no idea yet...but I'm looking forward to finding out! I must say, it's hard being 240 years old, with a conscience. I can't ever go out and get a nice tan once in a while! :)

Pomond: (David mentioned earlier that the Buffy writers are still working on next season's script.)

Question: What was it about the Show that made you decide to audition?

AngelDavid: I didn't know much about the show, going into it. It was a fast turnaround. It was the blood...even though it has to come out of my refrigerator!

Pomond: :-)

Question: Angel who do you like best on the show, Buffy or Darla?

AngelDavid: Darla's dead, so Buffy's my bite.

Question: How do you film an episode? What kind of work and preparation goes into it before you get to the actual filming?

AngelDavid: It takes about 8 days to shoot an episode. It's very fast, back to back scenes. It's long hours. If I'm shooting a lot, it can range from 8-12 hour days. I prepare and rehearse in advance, and the cast rehearses on set. Rehearsal is pretty quick, just to sharpen your performance, on the set. Off set, the night before, we each prepare on our own a lot.

Question: How old are you?

AngelDavid: 242 years old, with a conscience. 243 without the conscience.

Question: How old is Buffy????

AngelDavid: I don't know, actually.

Question: what was the experience like on the set of married with children?

AngelDavid: Ha! It was a laugh! If you can get beat up by Al Bundy, that's just a great experience in itself. That was one of my first gigs when I got out here a few years ago. It's a lot like Theatre, since it's shot in front of a live audience.

Question: Because of the your growing fame from the show, where do you see yourself in a few years?

AngelDavid: Tough question! I'd like to be on a jet plane, heading to Tahiti, on vacation! (Everyone's welcome to come!)

Pomond: Whoo Hoo!

Question: how do you even pronounce your last name? AngelDavid: BOR-ee-ahn-as. Like the Aurora Borealis, but with a z.

Question: It must be hard portraying a vampire with a soul; what do you think is your character's greatest attribute and what is his greatest conflict?

AngelDavid: Greatest attribute: the fact that I can sense danger at all time. I have a sixth sense. Greatest conflict: I can't head to Vegas during the day in an open convertible. I can't pull out those fuzzy dice and say "Hey! road trip!"

Question: Are there any physical difficulties to playing Angel?

AngelDavid: No, none whatsoever. What's difficult about looking deep into Buffy's eyes?

Question: Hi, David how did you get started in the industry?

AngelDavid: First, I performed for my family when I was 4 years old. Rumplestiltskin Theatre, live at home. It just took patience to get started in LA. I drove cross-country with my father when I first moved out here, and it went from there.

Question: What has changed in your life because of the show?

AngelDavid: Nothing has changed. I'm the same person, nothing has changed. It's a big misconception that everything changes. Of course, now I can buy my dog, Bertha, more dog food!

Pomond: I'll bet she appreciates that!

AngelDavid: (btw, Bertha is here with me right now) Definitely! :)

Question: If you could play any Character on film or stage, who would it be?

AngelDavid: Something with a challenge. I'd love to play Cowboy Slim in Sam Shepherd's "Cowboy Mouth."

Question: I've heard rumors that Sarah is hard to work with. Is this true?

AngelDavid: No! Not at all!

Pomond: Folks, we only have time for one more question ...

Question: What is your fav. thing about doing this show?

AngelDavid: Working with the people. It's really is just a big happy family. I'll tell you this: watch the show Monday night, and you'll see why I love it.

Pomond: David, thanks sooo much for sharing yourself with all of your fans!!!!

AngelDavid: Thank you for inviting me! Thanks for the support; I hope you'll keep watching the show!

Pomond: We'll be sure to tune in to Buffy the Vampire Slayer this Monday! Thanks to all for coming to this chat, which was sponsored by WB56-TV in Boston and Digital City Boston!

AngelDavid: It's going to be a great episode this Monday. Joss directed it himself. It's the season finale...but we'll be back next season!

Pomond: Thanks again, David!

AngelDavid: You're very welcome! Good night all!

OnlineHost: Copyright 1997 America Online, Inc.

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