Girl Meets Boy
This article was obtained from Seventeen Magazine, August, 1994.
Moderated by Sabrina Solin
Thanks to Lawless for providing this interview.

      All My Children's Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nickelodeon's Kristian Schmid talk about what to do when you really like somebody. You know Sarah Michelle Gellar, 17, as a mega bad seed on "All My Children." And Kristian Schmid, 19, plays an ultra-adventurous guy on Nickelodeon's new sci-fi series, "The Tomorrow People." They're slightly different people in real life.

Seventeen: Sarah, do you think acting on a soap has given you a skewed view of relationships at all?

Sarah: Oh yeah. [Laughs] Considering my character tried to seduce my stepfather, then my mother turned around and stabbed him with a letter opener, then I told my mother that he raped me, yeah, I think just slightly.

Seventeen: Kristian, you used to be on a soap, too--in Britain, right?

Kristian: Yeah, my character on Neighbors, he fell in and out of love all the time. He was a young character--I played him from the ages of 13 to 17. He never got too serious.

Seventeen: Speaking of getting serious-- when it comes to your own relationships, how much are you willing to compromise to make someone happy? Like, have either of you ever been willing to change anything about yourself for a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Sarah: I think you have to compromise a little bit to make a relationship work. I mean, I would never change drastically. But I think for two people to get along, you have to have some compromise.

Seventeen: Do you think any guy's ever changed for you?

Sarah: I had a boyfriend who smoked, and it just really bothered me. He would smoke constantly, and I asked him, and he stopped.

Kristian: I'm a fairly quiet person and the girl I'm going out with at the moment is very sociable. So I'm going out a lot more, which I don't really enjoy, but I do it anyway.

Sarah: The last guy I went out with was also the exact opposite of me. He was like, "Let's stay home," you know?

Kristian: The boring type, eh?

Sarah: I'd say, "Let's go out." He'd say, "No, there's a nice TV special on.

Seventeen: So where do you draw the line?

Sarah: You shouldn't be going out with someone just to say you're going out with them. You're going out with them, hopefully, because you enjoy who they are and they enjoy who you are. You have to be true to yourself, and I think that if you're not yourself anymore and you're not happy with what you're doing, then you've crossed the line.

Seventeen: Okay, let's talk about what you have to do to even find somebody to love in the first place. How much do you put yourself on the line when you find someone you might want to go out with? Like, when you see someone who you think you might be interested in dating, do you talk to them or would you wait for them to talk to you?

Kristian: With me, it's always the girl who makes the first move. I don't have the guts to sort of move in and say hi. I'm very shy and always think, you know, Why is she going to like me?

Seventeen: So how have you been approached by girls?

Kristian: Basically, it's them just coming up and saying hi. Like, "Hi. What are you doing here?" It's very difficult for guys. There's always someone better than you, or there are always other people who you think are more desirable to girls than yourself. You know, it's always the guys who don't talk to you that end up being the ones who like you. It's the guys that sit on the opposite side of the room because they're just too shy to come up and say hello to you.

Sarah: I'm very outgoing until it comes to actually seeing a guy and meeting him for the first time--then I'm very quiet and I can't think of a word to say and I just go, "Uh, hmmmm." Once I get in a relationship I can initiate things, but when it comes to that first move, I can't do it either.

Seventeen: So you two would probably make a bad couple.

Sarah: Yeah. We'd just stare at each other.

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