Touched By A Angel
This article was obtained from TV Guide, Vol. 45, #31.
By Stef McDonald

      When you're a vampire and the girl of your dreams is a vampire slayer, making a love connection is probably a bad idea. Then again, Buffy is not your typical vampire slayer, and Angel (David Boreanaz) is definitely not your average vampire: a centuries-old gypsy curse has saddled him with a soul.

      "Angel is just a good guy in a bad situation," says Boreanaz, who guest starred in seven episodes last season and this season will be a full-time cast member. "It's an amazing role," he says. "I mean, to play a 242-year-old vampire with a conscience! You can go in a lot of directions with that."

      Before Buffy, the Ithaca College film grad appeared in numerous commercials, and worked behind the scenes in props departments, but his only previous TV series role was a guest star on Married...with Children as Kelly's biker boyfriend. Boreanaz says he's thrilled to play his "first undead character" (though he jokes, "all of the characters I play are dead until I bring them to life."). As Buffy's underground guardian angel, he enjoys showing up to help her fight his bloodsucking brethren.

      And though the two aren't a match made in heaven, sparks fly when Buffy and Angel appear on-screen together. Of course, a kiss isn't just a kiss between these two: The first time they locked lips, Angel lost control and sprouted fangs. The second time, Buffy unwittingly burned a hole in his chest with her crucifix.

      Does Boreanaz hope that Buffy and Angel can find a way to develop some sort of relationship? "Definitely. Buffy's the buff-master, she's looking good. Of course he wants to help Buffy out."

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