Nicholas Brendon
This article was obtained from Sixteen Magazine, 1997.
Thanks to V Buffy V for providing this interview.

Nicholas Brendan plays the slightly goofy, but awesomely adorable, XANDER on the WB-TVs newest teen hit, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. In real life newcomer Nicky (Everyone calls him that) is more witty than goofy, but all the much more adorable!!

16: How does it feel to be in a hit show, Nicky??

Nicky: I'm the luckiest guy in Hollywood! This show is so good,-I love doing it.

16: First things first - Xander is short for?

Nicky: Alexander, of course.

16: Of course, we knew that. How would you describe him?

Nicky: Xander is a funny guy, the person who laughs at all the horrific stuff that happens. He's the guy who goes "Oh the principal got eaten by hyena possessed kids? Yeah, whatever, life goes on" So in that way Xander helps people better understand what's going on and accept it.

16: And Xander has a crush on Buffy?

Nicky: Big time!

16: And Willow - Buffy's best female friend has a crush on him?

Nicky: Big Time!

16: So, what's gonna happen on the love scene?

Nicky: I don't think anything is ever going to happen between Xander and Willow, they're close friends, but that's all. As for Xander and Buffy, well there is a matter of that other guy, Angel. So we'll have to see - which means you'll have to keep watching. Next Season, Xander will be a stronger character.

16: Can't wait! Are you like Xander in real life?

Nicky: I relate to his sense of humor. We both see the funny side of things. And I relate to his feelings and emotions, and especially his insecurity.

16: Were you anything like Xander in high school?

Nicky: In terms of insecurity, I was worse. I wouldn't talk to people, I was so shy, I never dated and I had this horrible stutter.

16: You've clearly come a long way, how did you get into acting?

Nicky: I was shy in school, but with my family, I was an entertainer, and I loved making everyone laugh. One day when I was 18, I just said, "I have to try this. I don't want to suddenly be 40 and wish I'd done that."

16: So how did you get started?

Nicky: Well, my mom, who'd just gone through a divorce was agent, so that helped. But I had to overcome the stutter first, which I did all on my own.

16: That's awesome, and very inspiring. Is Buffy your first acting gig?

Nicky: It's my first series, I did a Clearisil commercial and guest star roles in Married With Children and Dave's World.

16: Tell us some stuff you like to do when your not acting.

Nicky: Interviews with 16!

16: Cool, let's do this again. One more question, Do you believe in vampires?

Nicky: Yeah! I mean, not like the ones on our show, but I believe they're out there.

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