Sarah Michelle Gellar

Skating Sarah

Important Statistics

Real Name: Sarah Gellar
Sarah added the "Michelle" to her name because there was already a Sarah Gellar in the business.
Nickname: Spence
Birthdate: April 14th, 1977
Birthplace: New York City
Height: 5' 3''
Weigth: 92 lb. (?)
Eye Color: Green
Although she sometimes wears contact lenses or her eyes change color from what she is wearing.
Hair Color: Dark Brown
She dyed it light brown to blond for Buffy.

Favorites of Sarah

Color: Red
Food: Pasta and Chinese
Movie: Heathers
TV Show: Seinfeld, Murphy Brown
Actor: Tom Cruise, Daniel Day-Lewis
Actress: Stockard Channing
Season: Summer
Place To Vacation At: Bermuda
Book: Gone With The Wind
Hobbies: Ice Skating, Scuba Diving, Rollerblading, Shopping
Sports: Ice Skating, Football
Sports Team: New York Giants
Musician: Billy Joel, Phil Collins
Song: Air Supply's - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
Pets: A Cat And A Rabbit Called Harley Davidson
Piece Of Clothing: Motorcycle Jacket

Sarah's Filmography


- Scream II: Scream Again OR Scream II: The Sequel - (Miramax, 1997)
Scheduled for release on December 12th.
- I Know What You Did Last Summer - (Columbia Pictures, Mandalay, 1997)
Scheduled for release on October 17th.
- High Stakes - (Vidmark, 1989)
- Funny Farm - (Warner Brothers, 1988)
- Over The Brooklyn Bridge - (Cannon Films, 1983)


- The Vibe - (10/13/97)
- The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - (9/8/97)
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer - (Warner Brothers, 1997-)
- Beverly Hills Family Robinson - (ABC, 1997)
- All My Children - (ABC, 1993 - 1995)
- Swans Crossing - (WORTV, Syndication; 1991)
- A Woman Named Jackie - (1991)
- Spenser For Hire - (ABC, Episode: The Company Man, 1986)
- An Invasion Of Privacy - (CBS, MOW; 1983)
- Love, Sidney - (NBC, 1981)
- Girl Talk - (?)
- William Tell/Crossbow - (International Syndication)
- David Letterman - (Many Appearances)
- Guiding Light - (CBS, 1980)


- Jake's Women - As Molly - (World Premiere By Neil Simon)
- The Widow Claire - As Molly - (Circle In The Square)


- Many - Usually Upon Request

Okay, now we're done with all the facts. I say that Sarah is the face of the future. She will rule Hollywood. What I'm trying to say is, that Sarah is getting it on!! She is going to be around for a long, long time.
I've heard that Sarah can do something amazing with her tongue while eating ice cream. Can anyone confirm this?or tell me the story behind this?
Also, this is for the people that don't know what part that Sarah has in her two new movies, Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. In Scream 2, Sarah will be Sidney-Helen's college roommate. Sarah will be accompanied by other big stars, such as Neve Cambell (Party Of Five), Courtney Cox (Friends), David Arquette (?), Jada Pinkett (?) and Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills, 91210). The full cast is too big to be mentioned here, so SORRY to all those unmentioned cast members. I hope Sarah doesn't end up dead and continues to be in Scream 3. In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Sarah will be the local beauty queen. She and her friends get involved in a hit and run and attempt to cover it up by throwing the dead man in the nearby river. Then, when they thought he was dead...he comes back! Sarah will star in this movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt (Party Of Five), Ryan Phillippe (?) and Freddie Prinze Jr. (?) The movie is based on a book by Lois Duncan.

Please show your support or (for you guys out there) undying love for Sarah by sending her mail, at:
Sarah Michelle Gellar
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